Our Strategic Aim

By utilizing our sustainable innovative perspective, Baymed aims to provide innovative, protective, and dependable solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency in the medical device sector, particularly disposable medical textile products that are required by the global health sector. Our strategic effort to achieve this goal is divided into four parts: patients, healthcare professionals, customers, and healthcare organizations.

We accept patient and healthcare professional satisfaction as a prerequisite for our strategic perspective. Patient experience has become an important factor in managing the healthcare industry's financial pressures. Using the proper procedure for patient health reduces patient waiting time and improves the patient experience by providing more comfortable treatment. In addition to improving patient satisfaction, it improves the comfort and safety of healthcare professionals. It also helps to improve their income and satisfaction by allowing them to complete transactions more quickly. Increasing patient and healthcare worker satisfaction has a positive impact on the brand reputation and competitiveness of healthcare institutions.

Whatever solution we develop as a result of our strategic efforts, it should lower costs for patients and healthcare organizations whose needs will be met. Disposable medical textile products costs are one of the important expense items of health institutions.

As one of the brands with the most integrated facilities in the medical textile industry, we contribute to cost reduction through the prices and large discounts we prepare by leveraging the benefits of being a direct raw material and intermediate product producer. Our highly experienced specialists have a long history of working with healthcare organizations all over the world. By ensuring that the right product is used for each operation, we contribute to the prevention of waste and increase the speed and efficiency of operations, with unique solutions such as customized, disposable surgical gowns, surgical drapes, drape sets, operating room accessories, and non-sterile products, which we offer by correctly understanding our customers' needs. It is well known that using disposable surgical sets reduces operational preparation time by up to 40%. We contribute to our customers' productivity by keeping their due dates short and supplying them from a single source, thanks to our integrated facility.

Because our products have a direct impact on human health, regulatory bodies have established globally valid, complex standards and procedures. Using our solutions, we assist healthcare organizations in meeting these standards and procedures. Ensuring this compliance has several advantages, including providing the same experience to all patients and healthcare professionals, ensuring consistency throughout the institution, and protecting against potential financial or administrative sanctions.

Our Sustainability Awareness

We demonstrate this determination by remembering that
“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

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