Baymed Culture

Inspired by the concepts of "equality" and "equal opportunity," which are the most important values of our group culture, we believe it is important to create a working environment in which all of our employees, regardless of gender, age, education, or experience, feel like they are part of the same whole. At Baymed, we do not categorize jobs as women's or men's. With the understanding that the most important investment is in people, we work with a perspective that prioritizes people and nature, as well as a human resources perspective inspired by equality, equal opportunity, religious freedom, modernity, and innovation. With the assistance we provide to young people at all levels, we train human resources for the sector.

As a member of the Haskan group of companies, it is our top priority to produce goods that contribute to the economy of our country. In 2016, our group, which has been a nonwoven fabric manufacturer under the Bayteks brand since 1992, transformed itself into an integrated medical textile manufacturer by investing in designing and manufacturing medical textile products under the Baymed brand.

Baymed distinguishes itself from many sector players by having an integrated facility that produces SMMS, the raw material of disposable medical textile, and laminated nonwoven fabric on the same campus. 2 million sterile gowns, 5 million sterile drapes and 250 thousand pieces of surgical sets are produced each month at the facilities with 14.000m2 covered area established on 64.902 m2 of land, established in Kilis by Baymed to European standards, with over 300 employees, 60% of whom are women, and which has become one of the most important manufacturers in Turkey. Baymed has a high-capacity sterilization park and all of its production processes are carried out in Class 10.000 and 100,000 Clean Rooms in its new facilities that are managed and monitored in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13795, ISO 13485, and CE Standards.

We have developed an export-oriented perspective that has spread to more than 45 countries, mostly in Europe, using our three generations and more than 100 years of experience in production, integrated facilities, innovation, and trained human resources. A professional organizational structure that is capable of effective planning and producing the right strategies makes our job easier. With this emerging power, we work for your health with products that provide hope for the sector's future.

We manufacture 60,000 disposable items per day

We provide a suitable environment for surgery by dressing the operating room team, covering the patient, and wrapping
the instruments with the solutions we provide as Baymed. We are accountable for the lives of patients and healthcare workers.

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