Innovative Solutions

It is critical to protect patients and health care workers from infections in health care settings, but it is not easy. However, disposable surgical gowns, surgical drapes, drape sets, and operating room accessories are known to play an important protective role in infection prevention. Disposable sterile surgical drapes prevent microorganisms from being transferred from the patient's skin. Impermeable materials keep the infection at bay, while effective fluid control keeps the work area dry. We provide a suitable environment for surgery by dressing the operating room team, covering the patient, and wrapping the instruments with the solutions we provide as Baymed. We are accountable for the lives of patients and healthcare workers.

We manufacture 60,000 disposable items per day, and each opened pack must meet the same quality standards. Because, at the end of the day, human health depends upon this. To maintain our quality standards, we strictly control all production processes, from raw material sourcing, inspection, and testing to loading the finished product for shipment.We subject products to extensive quality and performance tests at every step. We produce and package sterile products in a hygienic environment.

Different healthcare professionals have different needs in healthcare institutions. We produce solutions by changing package contents and sizes to meet our customers' needs by understanding said needs correctly and maintaining our production standards. We support our customers even in the waste shares that are common in disposable products by standing behind our solutions after sales. Although disposable product Sunday collaborations are typically short-term, we are able to develop long-term collaborations due to our extensive after-sales services support. In addition to productions under the Baymed brand, we can also make Private Label (PL) productions under our customers' brands. We are currently producing PL for over ten different companies.

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