"E-Academy is an online training platform that Baymed employees can access without time and space constraints.E-Academy is an online training platform for employees of production, sales, quality and administrative staff, product, legislation, sterilization, sales techniques, occupational health and safety, information security and risk etc. In addition, our employees who are required to attend the MASAK Compliance Program and FATCA, which are obligatory under the law, are offered theses program through the E-Academy platform.

Our employees perform a sale game that includes all the steps of the sale process, enabling them to develop problem-solving questioning techniques and financial analysis skills.

Frequently asked questions in the E-Academy are answered under the headings of medical device, sterilization, conditioned areas, and almost every question that may come to mind about our company's products and processes. Our trainings, videos and contents of every supplementary documents are contained in the e-library which offers a rich content. "

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